Monday, July 26, 2010

Faint Praise

The teacher evaluation forms are given to 3 teachers, English, Math and Other. It contains questions about how you participate in class, whether you tend to lead, how well you follow, attention span, and so on. It also asks the teachers to add any comments they think would be useful to understand the student. Finally, it asks for a negative trait.

My current English teacher has only taught me for a few weeks, since my other English teacher recently moved to the US. He doesn´t really know me all that well, but he´s pretty likeable and a good teacher. Unfortunately, that means he had to ask me for my negative trait. Self-analyzing is never a good idea, and I can think of nothing... of course I have negative traits (I put my shoes on the bed, spend a lot of time reading webcomics, read too much sci-fi over serious literature), but when it comes to school, I´m pretty concentrated. Although I have the doubtful honor of being the only one in my generation who has received a report (that´s 10 points off the behavior grade)... for wearing a hat. I was completely unaware of that rule, and for what it´s worth, other similar rules aren´t enforced in the least. Not an excuse, I admit.

Eventually he thought of something on his own and sent in the report. I was afraid to ask.

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