Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 to go

There are only four things left to send in to the Academy. The CFA, Personal Data Record, the interview and the nomination.

I´m putting off the physical as long as possible. I ran a mile today in 8:34 (that´s 8 minutes, not hours), a full 28 seconds faster than last time. The problem is I have to run it with someone else to pace myself, or I burn myself out too fast. I have to run alone. I can run 3 times a week, despite my schedule (explained further down).

The other document should be pretty easy to fill out. I mean, name, address, phone numbers, so on... but it asks me to choose my region from a list that doesn´t include Central, South or North America, which seems a pretty big omission to me.

The interview with my Liason Officer is also missing, but we´re having trouble setting a date. The way it´s set up, right now would be the ideal time for most US students to work on admissions, the year is barely started, and there´s not much homework or tests. My school year, on the other hand, is just ending. This means: UCR admissions test, high school finals, Math Olypiads, and Ministry Tests (math, english, spanish, science (physics), civics, social studies). Oh, and General Chemistry I, because I felt like putting my brain in a blender. Just kidding, we already covered it in class, but I want the credits so I don´t lose any time next year.

The nomination is shaping up all right. I´m almost done with the essay, which I´ll post once I send it in. By Sunday, I hope. I´ll also post my writing samples on of these days.

Note: no update last week because I spent the weekend at a biological reserve collecting frogs and taking their pictures. Greatest field trip yet. I´m seriously considering studying biology and statistics if I go to the State University (neither aeronautical nor aerospace engineering is offered).

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