Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Med Report

The last medical exam was last week. Dr. Zoidberg just measured me, checked my pulse and blood pressure and did a general going over to make sure I was pretty much normal (surprise, I am). He also had to record all tattoos, piercings and sizeable scars: none on all counts, not even pierced ears. He translated and passed the results from all the other medical reports and signed everything off.

En fin: the only abnormalities were a dislocated shoulder at age 2 and having had to wear glasses for the last few years.

The report (which included a questionnaire about whether I was an alcoholic drug addict trying to commit suicide) is in the mail. That leaves just the CFA and nomination to worry about, the rest is pretty much done.

Side-note: it´s August, I can now start the online application to MIT. I also enrolled at the University of Costa Rica (my high school gets to send students there, if they´re willing to risk passing and getting stuck with a low grade), I´m taking Chemistry I. Unfortunately, we´re not allowed to take Calculus despite already pretty much covering it in class.

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