Sunday, August 15, 2010


I sent in my "Candidate Activities Record". Here, I get to brag about how many sports teams I'm on, about acting, musical talent, debate team, speeches, flying experience, boy/girl scouts... none of which apply to me.

My school, as I've mentioned, has nothing in the way of extracurricular, aside from the academic Olympiads. Wheeee, math!! (<-- not sarcasm).

All I get to brag about is speaking Spanish, a bronze medal in the Math Olympiads last year, first place in an essay contest, getting to the finals in the Chemistry Olympiads... and that's about it.

The rest was explaining that because of the way my school works, that's all we have time for. Really, there's a 44% drop-out rate. Or rather, kick-out rate. If you don't make the grade, you're sent back to our original high school. The last class started with 30 students, and only 12 graduated (yes, that's more than 44%, that percent is from these high-schools country wide, not just mine).

I guess I'm doing pretty well, aside from a sad lack in everything sports related. Which will show up in the CFA next week. I mean, I swim, and pretty well, but not competitively. I play volleyball with my friends, but I'm terrible at serving. I'm in average shape now, and no time to work out. Once school's over (or just eases up, really) I'll be hitting the gym. Next year I'm joining the local university's swim team for the one semester I'm enrolling. Right now? Nothing spectacular. In fact, when it comes to pull ups, nothing short of pathetic.

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