Monday, September 27, 2010


I got an aswer from the USAFA regarding the Personal Data Record. Apparently, they took the e-mail apart and different people were in charge of answering different questions, which is why very little was answered in the first response. I was just asked to give them my complete address and it would be updated for me. Thank you. Very prompt. I noticed I keep asking for help from these people (the Academy) and then being surprised when I get it. It is their job...

On the other hand, writing the complete content of your e-mail in the subject line is annoying and leaves me wondering why you sent me an e-mail with just your signature. It took me a few minutes turning it over to notice the instructions, hiding between e-mail addresses, dates, and times.

Next posts:
Lists of universities and how much else has to be done. There are going to be some long posts.

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