Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My USAFA profile is still incomplete. Aside from the CFA (which will be turned in the first week of October), the other forms have no true justification. I'm still missing the Personal Data form and the transcript.

The USAFA Candidate Personal Data form asks for a permanent state or region. All listed belong to the US, with no hint of the chance that there might be people beyond its territories.

My transcript hasn't been added to my online profile yet, and I sent it nearly 3 weeks ago.

I'm asked for a notarized copy of my "Report of Citizen Born Abroad". If it has to be notarized through the Embassy, it's going to be a couple of annoying trips to the capital and lots of waiting in line. Or, it could be done by a notary public which might take 15 minutes. Either way, it's only if I'm offered an appointment. but if it has to be done by the Embassy I should start now.

En fin, I sent the Selections Office an e-mail asking about these three problems, and the reply only answered the two least important ones... and not even completely. The response:
-No mention of the permanent state or region.
-The transcript is there, but hasn't been updated.
-Send a copy of the report to [address].

You'll notice the only useful one is the second. I don't know who has to notarize the report. I can't submit the Personal Data form without a permanent address.

I tried calling the Counselor, but was told to leave a message and number and they would call back within two business days. I did, they haven't. (Granted, my cellphone was turned off during the 5 hour math test). I'm calling again today.

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