Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Small Steps

Yes. 2 things solved.

Rensselaer checked its records and realized that I had, in fact, handed over 70 bucks.

My status on the USAFA page is still incomplete, but at least the whole transcript thing is solved. Despite the fact that it took them nearly 2 and a half months to do it. To be fair, there was a change of personnel in there at some time, so I kind of understand.

I should actually be further along in this whole admissions process at both schools, but now every little step counts. Although not quite fast enough. I still have a whole slew of translations to handle, which aren´t hard, but they are annoying. Some resumes and writing samples are still waiting and I´ve pretty much ignored the whole Common Apps thing.

Bright side: School´s out, in honor of which you get a link to Alice Cooper´s "School´s Out for the Summer". The muppet version.

Yay! More time to study for the SAT II! Speaking of which, I retook the SAT in November. I´ll cover that in my next post.

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