Thursday, December 23, 2010

Possible Acceptance - Hofstra

Ok, my last note was desperate and rushed. I've found something that looks promising: a list of what they sent me in the mail. (Sorry for laughing at you, Hofstra, you're not quite in the Stone Age still).

Here it is:
  • Enrollment Orientation Card
  • Housing Application
  • Dining Contract
  • Medical Record
  • First Year Folder
  • First Year Folder Inserts
  • Meningitis Information
Judging mainly by the Enrollment Orientation Card, I think I'm in. Wheee, now I can study Russian...

Look at that last point on the list again. See, that's the exact sort of thing a first year college student hopeful wants to receive. Aside from worrying about debt, housing, food, studying, moving away from home, we also need a letter warning us to watch out for a possibly paralizing infection that causes the brain to swell. Because the stress of going to college for the first time just isn't enough on it's own.

Side note: most people's first reaction to hearing about a new disease is to Google it. The more you know, and all that. I've learned my lesson about carelessly Googling diseases after searching "headache" and coming up with horrifying images of people whose heads have been blown up by bombs (and I know you're going to go search for it right now, so turn off you're content filters, pick up a barf bag).

In view of this, I go straight to Wiki, who usually provides all the info I need without gratuitous blood. The article on Meningococcal disease has a picture of a baby whose arms are swollen, covered in rashes, and bloody, whose tiny fingers have turned black. The caption informs me that she survived, after having both arms amputated.

Thanks a lot, Wiki, I trusted you!

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