Saturday, May 21, 2011


School starts around the start of September.

I have 3 months between then and now and feel a bit in limbo. I'm currently taking classes at the UCR (State School), just to make sure I don't lose the habit of studying, and because I get to choose classes without worrying about the grades. Interesting classes:

Intensive Russian: Am looking for a way to keep taking Russian at a school near RPI since it doesn't offer it itself.

Literary Workshop: The teacher is insane, but my classmates are cool.

Intro to Mechanical Engineering: I get to make a catapult.

Calculus 1: math.

Humanities: One of the teachers legitimately believes that the CIA invented Facebook and then used Mark Zuckerberg (the actual developer) as a front so they could spy on people more easily. He's also one of those 9/11 conspiracy theory believers.

I've also joined the gym and all that.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


My father has been talking with his brothers/family (few of which I've met) about the universities I've been looking into.

He's still convinced that my best bet is to get a degree in Medicine as a first degree (even if I have no intention of becoming a doctor) and then getting a second degree in whichever field interests me. This is the cheapest option (short range).

He also keeps bringing up that I have no "experience in the real world", that I've never lived alone, etc, etc. I think that's pretty much standard for straight-out-of-high-school freshmen and I'm getting pretty damn tired of hearing it. It's also the worst possible excuse for suggesting I stay home even longer.

An uncle has offered to let me stay with his family for a year, go to a community college close by, and re-apply as a transfer student to a different selection of schools. He doesn't seem too impressed by Rensselaer and I think he believes I should aim higher. (Not, perhaps, as high as the ivy leagues). The idea is that I spend a year getting good grades, playing sports (Fencing! Archery!) and just generally making a good impression to later "move up" school-wise. Also getting used to cold weather. Here, again, I would do just as well staying where I am for the rest of this year.

Choices, choices.