Saturday, May 21, 2011


School starts around the start of September.

I have 3 months between then and now and feel a bit in limbo. I'm currently taking classes at the UCR (State School), just to make sure I don't lose the habit of studying, and because I get to choose classes without worrying about the grades. Interesting classes:

Intensive Russian: Am looking for a way to keep taking Russian at a school near RPI since it doesn't offer it itself.

Literary Workshop: The teacher is insane, but my classmates are cool.

Intro to Mechanical Engineering: I get to make a catapult.

Calculus 1: math.

Humanities: One of the teachers legitimately believes that the CIA invented Facebook and then used Mark Zuckerberg (the actual developer) as a front so they could spy on people more easily. He's also one of those 9/11 conspiracy theory believers.

I've also joined the gym and all that.


  1. Hi there, girl u stopped posting anything since may, c'mon bet u got some other intersting experiences there...u said update two times a week, that's a promise

  2. Hi again, I've just read about 37% of what u have posted in this blog, damn girl u really know how to write, I mean it, I hope u get to read this and take just a bit of ur time to answer some simple questions I've been thinking about while I was reading your awesome lyrics, or something...

    First one, I'm just curious...
    1: what score did u get at the UCR test, but not the whole thing, I know u got 740 I mean just the test results?

    2: Now that u know pretty much about US universities, what are your impressions of Costarican ones?

    Third and last, cuz if I don´t get any responses I doesn´t make any sense keep on asking questions right?

    3: Is there any reason why u want so badly to go to study in the US?