Thursday, July 29, 2010

Student Bloggers

To those interested in what life is actually like at the universities I´m trying to get into, here is a list of blogs from students who actually go there.

You can find a pretty good list right here:

Another one with a pretty big group of resident bloggers:

University of Pennsylvania and the US Air Force Academy:
I´ve never mentioned this first one before, have I? I didn't send them my SAT score report in May. I also can't find a list of student blogs, apparently they don't have any attached to the school. That isn't to say that their students don't write about it. I'll try to find blogs by students and post them as they come up.

Note: the Naval Academy isn´t included. I´ve come to the conclusion that I´m really more interested in getting into the Air Force than I am in attending a Service Academy. Applying to the Navy is no help at all if I would rather enlist in the Air Force anyway.

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