Monday, September 6, 2010

DoDMERB Medical Report

I just checked my profile on the USAFA page, and info from my medical is in. "Qualified".

I can get more details on the DoDMERB page, but I forgot my name. This is usually hard for me to do becuase I use the same name on everything. Unsafe, I know, but it keeps things like this from happening. What´s worse is that I know exactly what the password is, but I can´t for the life of me remember the name. That´s what happens when I don´t use Ambermutt.

I just sent the Webmaster an e-mail asking if there´s any way to get the name, or delete the old account and create a new one. From this years experience trying to get answers from any institution through e-mails, I don´t expect an answer anytime useful.

The good thing is that I don´t need waivers or remedials, so I don´t actually need to see that page.

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